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Original MERS coming the USA Dream 6/21/2013

I was standing on the roof of a plane and watching passengers getting on board.
I saw men and women carrying hand luggage while some children were being held by their hands. And among the crowd, I spotted a four-legged animal,--- a wolf,--- not a big one but just almost a size of a fox BUT it's a wolf. I looked around and I noticed that the land is like in the middle of nowhere,--- no trees, no buildings... just the plane, the people, a wolf and a huge vast of dry sand dunes around. I looked back below and saw that the people seemed not to take any notice of the wolf. Then I saw the wolf boarding the plane together with the crowd. I blinked my eyes in the dream and when I opened them, I realized that I was in a different spot now,--- standing on the ground and facing the same plane. I looked around and I saw airport equipment, reloading carts, infrastructures around me that are similar to the ones in the U.S.A. but there was no airport name. I looked back to the plane in front of me and I saw the ladder going down to the ground. The people started to get out of door and walking down the tarmac one by one,--- couples, men, women, children and the wolf. Then I moved in with the crowd and I was behind a man who is not familiar to me.As we were all walking, the wolf in front of him turn around and jumped on him. What I saw next was a close-up of the wolf's mouth and teeth covering the entire nose and mouth region of the man and with his two paws on his chest area. In a split of seconds, the wolf released the man's face and ran off disappearing within the crowd. I looked back at the man whom I thought was bitten in the face to see if he needed some help. But I saw him walking normally like he didn't even know if he was just attacked by the wolf. I blinked my eyes in the dream again and when I opened them,--- I was in a hospital room, facing a hospital bed with the man (the one who was attacked by the wolf) on the bed and all kinds of life-saving hoses were strapped to him. I blinked again and when I opened my eyes, I found myself in a cemetery,--- watching a funeral with an open casket. As the coffin was being lowered,--- I saw that it was the same man I saw in the airport and the hospital. I blinked again and when I opened my eyes, I was in front of a television watching a newsbreak. The woman in the TV said, "...the wolf is mutating and the government is trying to do their best to contain it..." then the tv played a video of hospitals in chaos and an on-the-spot interview of a woman saying, "...we stayed at home, I didn't even go to work today."

Dream ended

And behold a pale horse by JherDan

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